Important update about Exchange 2010 Personal Archives support in Outlook 2007

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Quick post to inform you that we've found an issue in Exchange 2010 Personal Archives support for Outlook 2007 in the December 2010 Cumulative Update for Office 2007, which may result in users being unable to access their archive mailbox.

Our friends in the Outlook team have been working hard to fix this. The fix has been checked-in in the February 2011 Cumulative Update for Office 2007, which will be available later this month. As with all updates, we recommend that you test them in a non-production environment before deploying them in production. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Bharat Suneja

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Details on the issues?
Also, how about some quality assurance process? If I counted correctly, we first got a archive-enabling CU (kb2412171), which was later updated including 3 fixes (see kb2485531) and now we can expect another fix for an undisclosed issue.
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@Michel ... Relax! :) They just posted that the update (and consequently details) would be released this month.

Cumulative Updates are very common and include anything from bug fixes to security fixes to spam filter improvements, and it's called CUMULATIVE so that you only need the latest,  which means by definition they will always include "new fixes". As a result, it's really not a question of quality control.

Besides, if you are affected by the issue, I'm pretty sure you'd know it already by the sense of urgency in the tone of the post.
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@Michel: Thanks for the feedback. Note that the three issues mentioned in KB 2485531 do not impact Exchange users/profiles.

Given the wide variety of topologies and environments our customers deploy our products in globally, it's not always possible to test every possible scenario. As a best practice, we always recommend testing in a non-production environment first.

We strive to keep our customers informed, and do our best to address any issues.

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The mere fact that you actually remind us of this i can wait for that definitely. I'm looking forward to that update and hopefully it will be more stable. No need to worry guys we need some patience here.
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will be solved the big problem that user cannot search across a root folder that includes sub folders inside the online archives?This issue is only with Outlook 2007.

Regards Steve
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To Goodthings, this update was pushed out broadly via Microsoft update on a Patch Tuesday and impacted non Exchange gmail users.  I think quality should be asked for here.  Testing on non exchange deployments would be nice.

I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't pushed so hard to non Exchange users.
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We have had another issue with the December patch - messages sent using a sendmail command or other similar macro language in MS Excel/Access send, but a copy is retained in the Outbox rather than the sent box.  Removing the patch takes care of the problem.  Anyone else seeing this? Will this be addressed in the cumulative release?
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Getting reports that this patch is also may be causing issues with password prompting..

Should we open a case?

"If you have all of the following conditions, you will get a password prompt periodically from outlook.

   * You have enabled Outlook Anywhere
   * Outlook Anywhere is configured to use basic authentication (not NTLM)
   * You are running Outlook 2007
   * Update 2412171v2 released January 9th, 2011 has been installed

Note that this causes a password prompt even if the client is domain joined and outlook is usint TCP connections. Something in that update causes outlook to still attempt an HTTPS connection (temporarily) and a password prompt occurs.

I have found that changing Outlook Anywhere to NTLM authentication fixes the issue, but this is undesireable in many cases due to firewall configurations that may not support passing through NTLM authentication, or if ou are using forms-based authentication on TMG/ISA to prevent direct CAS access.

Uninstalling 2412171 also resolves the issue, but again, not ideal to be uninstalling performance-improving updates. The previous version of 2412171 also does not cause the issue.

Since the newer version was released January 9th, I *suspect* this is the cause (the timing of this article does not seem to be coincidence)"
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