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Published Dec 30 2008 02:07 PM 1,338 Views

Mike, one of our readers, sent us the link of a funny story how an out of office reply got printed on a bi-lingual traffic sign. Thought that it was pretty funny:


That got me thinking of some of funny OOF messages that I have seen over time. After performing a quick search, I ran into few places that had a few funny OOF replies written up and posted. Some randomly picked examples here, here and here.

Did you want to share some of the funny OOF replies that you saw or wrote up yourself? Creativity of some people is really amazing when it gets to those!

(And, by the way - in case you do not yet know how come that "Out Of Office" came to be abbreviated as "OOF" - you might want to read this.)

- Nino Bilic

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