How to start up an Exchange User Group?

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Over last few months, we had multiple questions on how to start an Exchange user group. Glad to see this much interest! So here's the scoop.

The Exchange team has been working with Culminis (an association that supports user groups) to provide resources regarding Exchange for anyone who wishes to start a user group. If you're considering leading or already leading a user group on Exchange, take a look at the Culminis Exchange Support Network and sign up for product group centric resources.

Yup, this process is the same for groups in countries other than US too, so don't be shy!

- The Exchange Team

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I am in the process of starting an Exchange Users group in Pittsburgh, PA.

If anyone is interested please let me know.  

I am hoping to start this in September.

Thanks, -David
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A good example is the first Exchange User Group of Latin America called Glue, please visit

Thanks, -MauroT
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Is there a reason there no Redmond or Seattle area Exchange User Groups?
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We started our usergroup aimed @ Exchange professionals three months ago here in Belgium, and it is true, Culminis is great in giving you advice on how to do this!
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I actually wrote a big guide on how to get an ITPRO group together, how to get attendees, sponsorships, etc...

Enjoy. You can reach me through, I run the largest ITPRO group in Florida and would gladly help answer any of the questions you may have starting your very own Exchange group.


Vlad Mazek
Exchange MVP
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Josh - good question. I know we'd get plenty of people from the product team to show up if someone started it, but it's always hard to find someone to lead it month to month and keep things going. If you're the Josh that I'm thinking of, then why don't you start it? :)
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I am starting an Exchange User Group in Cincinnati, Oh. Please see the link for more information. Culminis is a great support group!

Chris Haaker
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I am just in the process of setting up a User Group in the UK.

It will be called the Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group and the URL will be

The site will be live in the next 3-5 days and we will hold our first meeting in the next couple of months.

Anyone who is interested feel free to contact me:

(take out the " and replace with @)

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The details for the Southern Ohio Exchange Users Group's first meeting are now live. Get the details here:
Thanks! Chris
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