How fragmentation on incorrectly formatted NTFS volumes affects Exchange

Published Feb 16 2011 01:22 PM 1,760 Views

I wanted to give you a quick pointer to a very interesting blog post that discusses the subject of Exchange database fragmentation on incorrectly formatted NTFS volumes, what the ramifications of those situations can be and how to deal with them. It has been written by Mike Lagase on his blog and can be found here:


- Nino Bilic

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This is an extremely excellent repost regarding Exchange database and how the underlying volume can affect performance.

I hope there are more of these in the future to come.
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One follow up question to that post. One of the recommendations made there is that the volume shouldn't be larger than 2TB.
I can't find any supporting documentation/reasons why a volume shouldn't be larger than 2TB. I understand the database are recommended to not be larger than 2TB, but that appears to be independent of the volume which could hold multiple databases.

Is there any documentation on the maximum recommended volume size if one is going to place multiple databases on the same volume?
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Thank you kindly for the write up, I'd been having perf issues and was directed to this forum and thread by a friend. Answered a few of my Q.s
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