How does Exchange 2003 Migration Wizard MATCH with Target Accounts?
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The Migration Wizard matches target NT accounts based on matching the SID of the source mailbox with the SID History (e.g. account migrated with ADMT), SID (e.g. accounts domain was upgraded) or msExchMasterAccountSID (e.g. resource forest scenario) on a target NT account.  In addition an additional search based on x500 address is also made if NO SID match is found.

This is how MigWiz match works when migrating from Exchange (E2K or 5.5):

- MigWiz searches for a match based on the SID of the source object with a SID value in target forest that could be in SID, SID History or msExchMasterAccountSID of and NT object 
      - In E2k3 the source SID is either the SID of the source NT account or the SID in msExchMasterAccountSID SID on the source object if it exists. 
      - In Exchange 5.5 the source SID comes from the associated NT account.
- If NO SID match is found, an additional search based on the source LegacyDN matching with a target NT account that the same x500 proxy address is made.


- If one of them is found then MigWiz uses this NT object to create the mailbox.
- If no match is found MigWiz creates disabled user, adds a mailbox, and stamps msExchMasterAccountSID with value of the SID (active source account) or msExchMasterAccountSID (inactive source account – resource forest scenario).

Also note: For resource mailboxes there is NO account matching performed.

E2k3 Resource Mailboxes (Identified as a disabled NT account with a mailbox and the well known SID SELF as the Master Account SID) will NOT match with a target account.

5.5 Resource mailboxes (Identified with 'NTDSNOMATCH' in any "Extension-Attribute-XX" value on 5.5 side or "ExtensionAttributeXX" value on E200x side) will also not be matched.

- Kahren Allakhverdyan

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