How do you stop all email to a specific external email address?
Published Jul 28 2004 09:40 AM 587 Views

I was asked this question recently - how do you stop all outgoing messages to a particular e-mail address outside the company?

You can create a contact in the Active Directory and give it the email address you want to block outbound mail to. Then, on the "Exchange General" tab of the contact's properties (you may have to wait for the RUS to process the contact before you can see this tab) you can configure who is allowed to send to the contact and who isn't. If your intent is to keep everyone from being able to send to this contact, set a message restriction that allows only a dummy user to send mail to the contact (this is much more efficient than creating a huge list of users and setting the contact to reject mail from users in that list).

- Dan Longley

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