Have you customized your Global Address List templates? The Outlook team wants to know.
Published Apr 19 2004 12:15 PM 1,166 Views

The Outlook team is investigating making some improvements to this scenario, and they would like to see real-world examples from any customer who has customized the templates. If you are willing, please send us the file as per the instructions below.

Note: This file does not contain any personal data from your directory. They're only looking for customized templates with label information such as “Building“.

To get the file:

1. Download the Offline Address Book using Outlook (Tools | Send/Receive | Download Address Book). If you're using cached mode in Outlook 2003, then it's probably already downloaded.
2. On that client machine, navigate to %userprofile%\local settings\application data\Microsoft\Outlook
3. Email the tmplts.oab or utmplts.oab file from that folder to exblown AT microsoft DOT com.

Thanks in advance,

- KC Lemson

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