Got Checklists?
Published Feb 02 2009 01:30 PM 1,527 Views

Did you notice the checklists in the blog post "Should You Virtualize Your Exchange 2007 SP1 Environment?" Did you think those were a pretty handy thing to have? Turns out you're on to something.

Recently, the New York Times reported that researchers found surgical teams made fewer mistakes when they used a checklist: "A checklist for surgical teams that includes steps as basic as having the doctors and nurses introduce themselves can significantly lower the number of deaths and complications."

If checklists work so well for one group of professionals (who, let's face it, have a lot on the line when it comes to not making mistakes), maybe they'd work for others. Do you use checklists to help administer your Exchange org? We supplied some checklists in Exchange 2007, like the Planning Checklist and the Operations Checklists. We're working on docs for the next release of Exchange and got to wondering: What checklists would help you with your job?


- Alison Hirsch

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