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We realize we just shipped Exchange Server 2007, but we're already hard at work in defining where we should go in the release after that. To that end, we'd like to gather some information from both end users and Exchange administrators. We realize our readers are mostly IT pros, so for the end user survey please forward the link to end users in your organizations so that we can get a broad range of responses.

  • End Users: We're considering investing in better Microsoft Office Live Meeting integration with Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web Access). If you have ever used conferencing tools like Live Meeting or WebEx, please take a few minutes to fill out our brief Online Collaboration survey.
  • IT Pros: We want to understand more about how you troubleshoot problems & learn about Exchange to see how we can improve that experience. Please fill out the Community and Help Experience survey.

Responses to both of these surveys will help us prioritize the scenarios we invest in for the next release of Exchange. Respondents to the survey will be automatically entered in a drawing to win our eternal gratitude – your chance to win is 100% :)

- KC Lemson

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A product that has UI rather than just Shell. Not all of us manage just Exchange you know. A product that has both UI and shell to begin with!!!!!!!!!!
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I am not sure if this is E2k7 / O2k7 but the ability for a user to select one of their SMTP addresses to send FROM would be useful.  to date there is no option for the user to select a FROM address.

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Please add monthly view functionality into OWA, the quicker you can give it to us the better!
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Why not replace OWA with Live Mail?  Something that has cross browser and cross platform compatibility.
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Oh, KC.  You sly devil.  I read the post from the EHLO RSS feed.  Did the survey, and then wondered why it didn't say anything about my entry to win something.  So I went back to the post.  Ah, you got me.  Eternal gratitude.  I'll take it anyway.  That will last much longer than the Don't Worry... Be MAPI! clock I got for a case study that never worked.

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Mike - Exchange 2007 has a ton of UI, please download the trial and play around with it yourself and see for yourself. We do know there are some scenarios that are lacking UI that are important, and we're working on addressing that in SP1.

Daniel - We hear that a lot, I hope we will have good news to report on that front soon :-)

Scott - ;) That must have been a looong time ago, I don't think we've given out that EHLO swag in a while.
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Any chance we will see a tighter integration with AD in SP1, still on the fence about migrating if I have to manage user accounts and mailboxes in 2 different places.  Also, any chance of bringing back a GUI interface for public folder administration?
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define a class for resources, specifically rooms and equipment, rather than using the user object.  
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Sometimes I wonder why large organisations need to run Exchange as an enterprise solution.  I think the prime reason is the address book.  all the other stuff, calendering, PF or doc share, etc is all very much secondary and is usually local.  On the basis that 'small is beautiful' (or at least relatively small), how about architecting the next version so the address book function becomes hierarchical, ah la DNS, infinitely expandable, but with the ability to be seperate from the actual transmittal and storage of mail.  This would allow large corporations to be more flexible in terms of upgrades and general management, since it would be a smaller footprint...  Yet the ability to lookup addressees is maintained...
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One thing that I would like to see implemented will be support for geographically dispersed clustering connected via high speed WAN. It should have solid failover solution.
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How about pluggable storage engines? MS should develop an
Exchange storage API and let other vendors develop storage
backends for it using many different strategies. MS gets free
innovation from other companies making their product better
and other companies get a chance to sell some products while
end-users and administrators get choices for storage optimized
to their particular workloads. Just makes sense, doesn't it?
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I would like to see better support for non Internet Explorer Browsers for Outlook Web Access. Lots of our customers use for instance Firefox because they have non Windows Clients for which Internet Explorer is not available. On the other hand, only OWA supports almost all Exchange features contrary to IMAP4 or POP3 clients.
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I'd like to second Dominik's request. We have a significant number of Exchange 2003 users (>5000) on Mac OS who use OWA with Safari or Firefox as their primary messaging client.  Support for the Rich/Premium/IE6 features in other browsers (that support XMLHTTP) would be great.  Don't get me wrong, the OWA basic experience in Exchange 2007 is quite a leap from previous versions, it's just not what my users want.  
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We wanted to follow up on the survey post that we ran not so long ago and give you an idea of what some...
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How about publishing Free Busy in a publicly available location through OWA and making it work such that a user can choose to publish their free busy, send a standard URL in their Outlook contact, and people from other Exchange Organizations (using Outlook) can then see free busy through a web-based lookup?  The current calendar publishing solutions are too cumbersome.
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A follow-up post on the MS Exchange team blog on the survey they published earlier in the month to garner
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keep public folders (pretty please). Don't repeat the VB6 fiasco to force change and drive your clients away. Give your clients what they want.
make the pf's available again in OWA.
bring back public folder management in the UI.
give the client the option to manage exchange props (also) in the AD  for selected groups.

I know.. sp1.. but still : more UI!
E2k7 now is like Win 3.1 (dos with a shell)
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I would really like to see if Meeting Originators can be changed without any problem in Calendar.
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This is our second follow-up regarding our surveys that we have asked you to fill out. To see the...
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Don' t "de-emphasizing" Public Folders ! We have PF Environments with more as 600.000 PF and over 8 TB Data. The future is Sharepoint ? It's a joke.
"Give your clients what they want. " thats ok !!!

We have the demand that we offer a possibility to set quotas on a folder structure not just on a single folder and to have more than one top level pf structure that can be accessed by http and MAPI.
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We got such great responses from the surveys we did in January, we decided to do another one!  This...
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