Get Ready for Microsoft Ignite 2018

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Unless you’ve been living under an IT rock, you’ll know that Microsoft Ignite is happening soon. September 24th to 28th to be exact, in Orlando Florida. If you didn’t buy a ticket already then I’m sorry to break to you that you are too late. It’s sold out! But it’s not all bad news; far from it. We have some great sessions planned and you’ll be able to watch them LIVE. Yes, we’re streaming many sessions at the same time as they are delivered to the attendees live. Make sure you go back to the Microsoft Ignite 2018 site on the 24th and watch them there, or get links to breakout sessions. The Session Catalog went live this week and you can use it to find the sessions you want to see right away. There are a few sessions I wanted to shout out to make sure you knew about them.

There are many more sessions, breakout and theaters. And many of the sessions are being delivered by the awesome MVP’s we have, but I can’t list them all here. So go take a look at the catalog and start figuring out what you want to go and see, or tune in to, LIVE. For those of you actually in Orlando we have a special treat. We are sponsoring the Scheduled Maintenance party this year. If you have heard of that party (hosted by a Gold Partner - ENow Software) you’ll know it’s the hottest party of the week – and this year it’s being sponsored by Exchange and Outlook. So, if you want a chance to come and socialize with the engineering team, MVP’s and speakers, go and sign up. We know it will be over-subscribed and not everyone who wants to be there will be able to, but you can’t join if you don’t sign up and we would love to see as many of you there as we can. See you in Orlando (or LIVE streaming)! Greg Taylor Director of Product Marketing Exchange Server and Online

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Hi team! Will the videos be available afterwards, for those of us on the other side of the world?
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Yes they will, it might take a few days to publish them however.
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Thanks heaps Greg! Looking forward to it :)
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Greg, thanks for the suggestions, however, could you tell us what time zone these times are based on? I am trying to put some of these breakouts on my schedule and I am in CST.
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These are based on Orlando's local time. Eastern.
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Will any of these be live streamed?
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Hi Greg,

I was trying to watch Exchange 2019 session (1:00 PM PST session) online but I could not find a way to watch it live. There were other sessions available.

On the party side, in 2017 I was attending EnVision and I can say the best party was EnVision party and none of the other party could come even close to it.

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