If you've never used WebNews, now's the time to give it a try. They just upgraded to a new version that adds some great features that will make it easier to find answers to questions.

Take a look at microsoft.public.exchange.admin, for example. A few highlights:

  • Click on the “All Threads“ drop-down, and you can filter the view so that you only see questions without answers (if you're looking to help out others) or questions with answers (if you want to browse for useful information).
  • If you find a post that answers a question of yours, click the “Yes“ button next to Was this post helpful to you? in the preview pane. This stores a property on that item to indicate it was helpful, and the more people who do this, the better - you're helping the best posts float to the top. You can also select “threads with helpful posts“ in the view filter so that you only see those types of posts.
  • Click  Notify me of replies in the preview pane to get an email when anyone replies to a specific post.
  • Click on the poster's name in the preview pane to see their profile (if they've filled it out).
  • Click on the  button to fill out your own profile (it does require signing in to passport).

Over time, the data will get richer and richer as posts are marked helpful.

Update: Also see this site, which doesn't have the additional left-hand menu. 

- KC Lemson

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looks nice, but it would be great to have a "full screen" version. There is so much wasted space on the top and left hand panes.
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Really nice change !.

I like it, specially the "notify me of replies" option. That way we do not have to browse thru all the questions.

I also agree with Rick, there is a lot of wasted space and the questions page is small.

Anyway, when are you going to implement that feature on the "others" groups ?





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It worked like a charm ! ;-)

Thanks for the new link. I'm going to update it on my bookmark and Blog.


PS. We will see if it likes to Spaniards.
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Yay. Some really nice improvements, my favorite of which was getting rid of the versioned (splintered) groups and bringing everyone back together as one big happy Exchange family. :)