Geek Out with Perry on RBAC
Published Feb 15 2011 09:05 AM 1,034 Views

At Tech.Ed Europe in Berlin and many other events, folks have asked me questions that they wanted Perry to geek out on. One topic that came up is how Exchange management makes decisions and what sort of planning and decisions go into architecting Exchange. In his blog and video, Perry starts to explain how we have implemented a multi-release stategy in order to make fundamental shifts to the product through the example of how we have implemented Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

RBAC is a favorite of mine. It may not be one of the glitziest features but whenever my teammates and I discuss features and benefits of Exchange with customers, RBAC is flexible feature set that really delights customers both on-premises and online. I've seen how it has especially transformed the power of IT and of users in educational institutions and I love it!

To watch Perry geek out on RBAC, head over to Multi-Release Strategies and Role Based Access Control!

Please keep up with Perry's blog, where you can ask us more questions and dish out the feedback.

Ann Vu

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