Geek Out with Perry on New Exchange Online Functionality

Published Apr 01 2012 04:01 AM 1,755 Views

The Exchange team strives to improve our high availability functionality and improve redundancy, particularly in our Exchange Online datacenters. Check out a new episode of Geek Out with Perry where Perry explains how an interesting idea became a research effort and eventually new functionality that’s coming to the world of Exchange Online. We don’t often discuss product roadmap items when they are in the early phases but wanted to share some awesome early information with you all.

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek at new functionality that’s coming your way to help us improve our redundancy and contribute to our green datacenter commitments.

Please continue to Geek Out with Perry, read his blog, send us feedback and let us know if you have some good topics for Perry to geek out on.


Ann Vu

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Did Perry need to touch himself when he mentioned 'cold, wet Seattle'? I'm having trouble getting that image out of my head.

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I dislike when people try to be funny on 1 April.  They always fail.

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I am now dumber for having watched this.

Really guys, the previous April Fools jokes on this blog were actually entertaining...this one was just painful.

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I love seeing geeks not taking themselves too seriously :)

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