Geek Out with Perry on More Exchange Archiving and Storage

Published Aug 20 2010 02:08 PM 1,263 Views

We have received some great feedback and questions from last month's post on Perry Clarke's blog and Geek Out with Perry series of videos on e-mail archiving.  This has been a hot and somewhat controversial topic that comes up often amongst our customers and partners so we wanted to share the latest edition of Geek out with Perry with you.

In this next installment, Perry addresses two main items: tiered storage as a method to help customers reduce costs and the use of stubbing in archives.  Do these two approaches make sense for archives? Check out this new video and blog post to see what Perry thinks about these subjects and share your thoughts and questions with us. 

- Ann Vu

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Do you need windows Server Enterprise or can you use windows server standard, if you have a two site solution where one server is in each site and simply want a DAG that will span sites?
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jeremey d: see     - you will need Windows Enterprise to use a DAG, because it requires the clustering components of Windows that don't come with Windows Standard.  You can use the Standard version of Exchange 2010 though.
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Frank T I asked the wrong question. I ment can I have a mailbox copy on the remote server not use DAG and avoid the need for enterpise.
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Jeremy, you can dump all your mailboxes to PSTs if you like. You can make copies of the database files and store them somewhere, or even use a proper backup solution. But if you want to do log shipping to ensure the copies are kept up to date with the source DB, then you need DAGs.
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