Geek Out with Perry on Data Protection
Published May 03 2010 10:30 AM 1,265 Views

A few weeks ago, we shared our first "Geek Out with Perry" video with you all as well as a link to Perry's blog where Perry discussed how improving IO efficiency has enabled us to get closer to providing large low cost mailboxes.

However, providing large mailboxes to end users sparks a lot of interesting issues and questions; if you have a lot more data, how do you deal with longer back up times and how do you recover quickly from failures? Data protection is an area where we've invested in heavily in order to enable larger mailboxes. In this next "Geek Out with Perry" video and blog post, Perry chats with me regarding how we have evolved our thinking around storage and data protection for Exchange.

It is a great opportunity to check out Perry's blog now if you haven't yet; he also added a post regarding his take on virtual storage in response to your great comments. Keep on reading and keep those questions and comments coming so we have fodder for additional videos and blog posts by Perry. We welcome the feedback so you can geek out with the man yourself.

-- Ann Vu

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