Exchange Team blog is moving to a new home soon!
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As we hinted in our 15 year blogoversary post, this blog will be moving to a new home soon. Here is what you can expect:

  • Our new home will be Microsoft Tech Community, Blogs section (there will be “Exchange” in the list once all is said and done, with its own unique URL)
  • We have done a lot of cleanup of our 15 years of content already; generally speaking – if it is live on the blog today, it will migrate over. We did not try to delete ‘legacy’ content, rather get rid of stuff that is obviously not relevant anymore (like that Exchange 5.5 Webcast announcement from 14 years ago)
  • Yes, we will be migrating post comments over too; however, due to reasons… all of the comments will migrate over as anonymous; we felt there was still value there to keep the discussion present even though it might not be immediately obvious who was asking and replying exactly. The context helps in many cases, and good advice is good advice so…
  • We will work to make sure all of individual current post URLs redirect to migrated posts in their new location
  • We will work to redirect short URLs that go to our blog today, like
  • All of this is going to happen within next 3-6 weeks. Or earlier. Or later. Basically: “When it’s ready.”

What can you do to prepare?

If you want to keep being engaged with us and want to keep commenting to our posts (and continue the discussion that Exchange community is known for), you will need to register with Tech Community site. We are not doing any kind of migration of user accounts.

When we will be in the finalization stage, there is likely going to be some time when we will take a ‘snapshot’ and migrate that, and any comments etc. made after that will be lost once we move over (as they will not be in migration set). We will give you a heads up when this is about to happen. If unexpected things happen and you start getting errors temporarily, now you know what’s up!

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