Exchange Server Documentation Update: 'More Resources' area

Published May 26 2010 02:16 PM 6,042 Views

Every day, Exchange IT Pros like you visit the Exchange Server documentation library on TechNet to plan, research or find answers to questions you have in the day to day operations of your Exchange environments. Here's what we've learned about how you use the library:

  • Most of the time you enter the library via a web search on a particular Exchange area or question.
  • You can tell very quickly if the Help topic you land on will answer your question. Many times, you quickly navigate to other related topics.

We're always looking for ways to improve your help experience, so that you spend less time looking for information and more time consuming it. To help you get to the information you need faster, we created the 'More Resources' area for our Exchange Server 2010 library (see an example below). It is designed to quickly show you relevant and related information not just from the Help library, but also from community resources such as this blog. The related resources listed are not some automatically generated links based on keywords, but are selected by Exchange experts, the authors of the topics, who are tasked with ensuring the relevance of the information.

Exchange 2010 Library article showing the More Resources area

If you've been using and reviewing the links in the 'More Resources' area, we look forward to your feedback. Does it help you?

Do you have other requests for us to make our documentation more relevant and useful for you?

-- Katie Kivett

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How about a related KB article search?  Lets say were having an issue with OAB, you have a coded search for KB articles relating to topics tagged for OAB....
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How about giving us a filter that uses the "Applies to:" and "Topic Last Modified:" to find recent updates.  Setting the filter could highlight the items newer than the filter date in the tree view.
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I would also like to see this update applied to the Exchange 2007 library.
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How about a offline cache feature? This will make us to use desktop search to find the articles quickly as well as access it quickly.

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The Exchange documentation has gotten very good over the years. The "More Resources" section is a welcomed improvement. Keep up the good work.
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i follow best results t.q
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