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We created these email signatures for people on the Exchange team to advertise our career site, but since they have some geeky email-related humor in them, we thought that you might enjoy them too... here they are. Clicking on signatures will take you to download locations for that specific signature.

How to install them into Outlook:

1. Unzip the signature and copy the content of signature ZIP file to your Signatures folder.

By default on Vista: C:\Users\<Alias>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures

By default on XP: C:\Documents and settings\<Alias>\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

2. In Outlook go to Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signatures and choose the signature for New messages/Replies. Alternatively, you can insert a signature to just some messages if you go to the Insert tab and choose Signature in Outlook 2007.

- KC

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Nice!  Let's see if I can get away with using them at work!  :D
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Crop out the career site part if you want :) I think they're just fun pictures.
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Oh don't get me wrong, they are great.  I was actually more concerned with getting away with using a pic in my sig at all!
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how would i use group policy(?) to roll these out to all users in my domain?
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