Exchange Quota Message Service 1.1.0 release available

Published Mar 22 2005 05:46 PM 458 Views

EDIT: The newest version of Quote Message Service can be found on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Tools site.

Yesterday I uploaded the 1.1.0 release of the Quota Message Service, which allows you to send custom messages to users who exceed their quota.  New to this build - setup improvements, including logging via MSI of setup actions and failures, a fix for high CPU utilization/log generation, and some minor format changes for the "Difference" inserts.

Note - you are not required to join the workspace to download, use, view the source, or post questions about the service.  As always, the documentation is installed to the same directory as the service.

- Jason Nelson

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Kiss -> Keep it Simple. Can we have the process that MCS uses to modify the DDL?
In the past I have successfully modified the DLL that contains the test for the standard message. The format is coder-ese and not for the faint of heart, but worked like a charm after I worked it out in a lab. I never had any ill effects from making the custom change, but the dll had to be modified again after hotfixes. Perhaps this change may be simpler than reg keys and another service? and more secure? I hate adding services to a production server.
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MCS uses a resource editor to modify the strings.
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This is a welcome addition! Thank you! But I can think of no reason why MS is making it so hard to change the quota messages...should be possible since 5.5...
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Any chance that this feature (custom quota mesasges) will be integrated into the next version of Exchange?
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I tried it on Exchange 2000 Cluster servers, the software does not get installed eventhough looks like the installation goes through
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