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A new frontier for Exchange was entered today, as we announced our intent to acquire FrontBridge Technologies.  They are one of the leading providers of managed services that address corporate email security, compliance, and availability requirements. We’re really excited about this acquisition because now Microsoft will be able to offer these services to compliment the Exchange servers our customers run (and even Notes or any other SMTP server). You can read more marketing stuff here.


This new frontier, of delivering software services over the Internet, to compliment self-hosted servers is going to be very interesting – ie consider how should we maintain systems mgmt coherency or seamless security between solutions which span the hosted and self-hosted world? We’re not sure yet, but we are eager to dig in and figure it out with you.


My hope is that, in due time, our customers will be able to choose self-hosted “server” or hosted “service” for all Exchange functionality. The analogy that comes to mind is my frequent trips to Home Depot, where I can choose to take on projects myself, or hire the plumber. This is my choice for each project, as to what provides me the optimum result vs investment of my time.


I look forward to discussing this new frontier with you.


- Terry Myerson

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I see in the article that Microsoft's long term plan to to offer hosted email solutions (not just SPAM). Sounds like utility computing.
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Cool news for Exchange!
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Cool news for Exchange!  But, won't this see as competing with our partners that are ASP's?
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Microsoft's success has been based on it's salespeople - system administrators. Why should I continue to spend massive amounts of time educating myself and promoting the MS solutions when my work will soon disappear?

If this is the direction MS is heading I will be jumping ship ASAP.

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Microsoft will not neccesarily go into hosting exchange; but will continue to support their channel and partners that do host exchange. The GREAT thing about the FrontBridge service, is it can be sold to anyone who uses email (almost). Lotus shops, Groupwise, etc.....

If they have their exchange server in house they can use it, if they have their exchange hosted thye can use it.

The filtering and archiving and secure mail is a managed service, not neccesarily the email piece.
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As Terry Myerson already blogged about, Microsoft was in the process of acquiring FrontBridge Technologies....
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What does AV/VS mean in the following message?

PressPass: How does the acquisition of FrontBridge relate to the recent acquisition of Sybari technologies?

Thompson: The acquisitions of both Sybari and FrontBridge demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to bringing greater security to a customers’ e-mail environment, and also ensuring customers have a choice in terms of how these solutions are delivered. With the acquisitions of Sybari and FrontBridge, customers now have a choice of either an on premise or hosted anti-virus or anti-spam solution based on their preference. Depending on their situation, customers tend to prefer one solution over another. For example, customers that already have AV/AS technical expertise, and wish to maintain those skills in-house, can choose to run Sybari’s Antigen and Advanced Spam Manager products on premise.
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It means Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam.
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