Exchange Insider articles are now live on the Exchange TechCenter!
Published Oct 21 2005 12:10 PM 823 Views

I am very happy to announce that Exchange Insider articles are now live on the Exchange Server TechCenter site. There are several articles that have been published, and many more are to come, so keep checking for updates!


Let me also give you a bit of history behind this new content:


Over 3 years ago, I started writing and compiling an internal Microsoft technical “newsletter” of sort with the idea of getting short and digestible Exchange training into people’s Inboxes on a weekly basis. The main goal was to have technical tips that were relatively short, to-the-point, yet really deep technically on the subject being covered. It ultimately turned into one of tools that we now use internally to get the word out about things that are going on with Exchange (common problems, solutions, tips for troubleshooting, and so on).


Over time, the distribution list for the newsletter grew, beyond my wildest expectations, reaching every corner of Microsoft. Many people from Support Services, the Exchange Product Group, and other parts of Microsoft contributed content, ideas, reviews, suggestions and feedback. However, as the content was written for internal audience, it was not suited for customer use.


Well, our Exchange UE team decided to take on the huge task of reviewing all the newsletters and preparing them out to be published to the Exchange Server TechCenter for all to see and use. The Exchange UE team had to figure out how to publish them, where, and in what format, which was no small task considering that there were over 160 separate newsletters that had been sent over the last 3 years. We hope that you like the results of the combined efforts of Support Services and the UE team. Please let us know what you think of this new content! Remember, this content is written by folks in various support roles, so it should have pretty high applicability to real life situations! We are also looking at RSS enabling that page (can’t promise it though).


Again, the articles can be found here:


- Nino Bilic

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