Exchange CVP Terry Myerson heading to Windows Mobile

Published Oct 14 2008 04:26 PM 1,044 Views

Terry Myerson, Microsoft CVP for Exchange, is heading over to lead the Windows Mobile product team. The Exchange community will miss Terry,  but this is a fantastic opportunity for him and the Windows Mobile team gains a strong new leader.

Terry came to Exchange in 2001. Under his excellent leadership, the Exchange team has delivered 2 major releases- Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007, and become the market leader in enterprise messaging.

Good luck, Terry!

Rajesh Jha, CVP for Microsoft Office Live, will add leadership of Exchange in addition to his current responsibilities.

Welcome aboard Rajesh!

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Roll on Terry,

Good luck
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Good luck ,Terry! Hopefully you can do for WinMo what you did for Exchange! Now go kick the iPhone's butt! ;)
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Can anyone overcome the inertia of WM legacy code base?

Is there any hope without a whole new OS for mobile applications?

It's like trying to build a front end loader using sponges.
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