Exchange 2010 turns One!

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Just over a year ago, Microsoft launched Exchange 2010, with a tremendous response from the market, partners, and customers. I'm inspired by the momentum in the community of developers and IT administrators who are working with Exchange to delight customers with the best business e-mail on the planet.

We are continuously working to make Exchange even better, too. Over the last year, we released Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1. This release had a number of features you asked for, including archiving enhancements and Outlook Web App improvements, making it even easier to deploy and manage Exchange 2010 and increase productivity.

Also, our research shows that Exchange market share continues to grow. In enterprises with over 500 PC's, Exchange is, by far, the most widely used business email. For example, in the US, UK, and Australia, well over 70% of enterprises primarily use Exchange. In each of the largest G7 countries, in every size organization from small companies with less than 25 PC's to the largest enterprises, Exchange is being used by more businesses than any other email system. And many organizations are quickly moving to Exchange 2010. In the US and Canada, over 12% of large companies have already upgraded. Plus, over 11 million users of Live@Edu are using Exchange 2010 online.

Customers like Paul Smith, a fashion design and retail company in the UK, are already taking advantage of improved capabilities for high availability in Exchange 2010.

"We've gone from a 24- to 48-hour response time down to a five-minute response time. The business was asking for a disaster recovery strategy and plan, and this is what we were able to provide." - Lee Bingham, Head of IT, Paul Smith

What's more, our extensive partner community continues to be the lifeblood of Exchange and we expect the momentum will continue to increase with the growth of the market. For example, our partner Janalent sees great interest in Exchange Server 2010 from customers.

"We are seeing huge interest In Exchange Server 2010 with the improvements in Outlook Web Access and the incredible integration with Office 2010 suite of products."  - Anne Chahal, CEO and President, Janalent

Julia White of the Exchange Product Management team also has a post today on the UC Blog. We look forward to bringing our customers and partners even more Exchange enhancements in 2011!

- Rajesh Jha

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I to am a proud administrator of Exchange 2010! Had a great time migrating and still am having more and more fun showing the organization the benefits of working efficient!

Thanks to you all!

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I love Exchange 2010. I bore my friends with the amount I talk about it (I'm not kinding)

In April of 2010, me moved away from a 3rd party company that was managing our network and brought it in house. Saving our company about £120,000 a year. The consultant didn't seem to know what he was doing. OABs and OALs don't work correctly because he didn't move over the public folders that our Outlook 2003 clients depend on.

Have tried my best to work this out but with the demads of users and the politics of managers (who messed it up to begin with), it hasn't worked in my favour very well.

Great Article as usual. Another reason why you guys are my home page in my browser.

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Nice. And even nicer it would be if you would release KB2423776 finally to the public..
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Since the Exchange vulnerability reported in MS10-106 affects only Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 servers with the Mailbox Role installed, should Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 only be installed on Mailbox servers?  Do you recommend that it be installed on CAS and Hub Transport servers as well?
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Nice Post!
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