Exchange 2007 Performance Counters and Thresholds

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Performance analysis and troubleshooting can be a very complex and daunting area with Exchange Server. Being able to quickly and accurately identify and resolve issues requires a thorough understanding of the most interesting and important performance counters. With the July content refresh we've just released new content detailing these counters and many of the important thresholds to be aware of. The content is broken out by counters that are common across Exchange roles and counters that are specific to each role. A big thanks goes to Mike Lagase, John Rodriguez, and Scot Landry for their help in pulling all of this information together. Check it out here in the Monitoring Without System Center Operations Manager: - Tom Di Nardo

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Thanks, this is really (sic!) helpful.
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very good info. Is this available in Word format ?
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Thanks for your comments Jan and Ed.

Ed - Unfortunately these topics are not currently available in Word format.
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One more comment: maybe the ExTRA Team should update their rulesets. Performance Troubleshooter still finds a "bottleneck" if "LogicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk sec/Read" on the Log drive is below 5ms. Whereas you and MOM expect a value less than 20ms.

The same goes for "MSExchangeISRPC Operations/sec/user": ExTRA finds a "High user RPC activity" if this value is higher that 0.25 whereas you are talking about 0.75, 1.0 or higher. It might be also helpful to clarify by which "user count value" you divide "RPC Operations/sec". You don't mention it and "" gives us 3 possibilities. ExTRA takes "Active User Count" here - and I think its the best one.

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The link is broken - it generates 'We’re sorry! The page you were expecting to see has been removed or is unavailable.' :(
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I just tried again and it seems to work - can you try? The FWLINK ultimately resolves into this:
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