Exchange 2003 SP2 SMIME update released (KB 924334) - resolves compatibility with IE 7

Published Oct 23 2006 12:16 PM 1,443 Views

Scott Roberts posted about this update going live over on the WSUS Product Team Blog.

Short version:

An update that applies to the S/MIME control in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 has been released to the download center. This update resolves a critical issue in the S/MIME control which can cause crashes when used with Internet Explorer 7.0.

KB article 924334 has more info.

Head over here to read more!

- Nino Bilic

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can we deploy this bugfix only in front end servers?
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You should apply this to both FE and BE.

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Feature request: a "Remove S/MIME Control" button in OWA next to the install/reinstall button - for the duration of this issue some of my users had to navigate through internet options in order to remove the control so that they could stop using lite owa to submit messages.

Granted it was mostly savvy types who upgraded to IE7 at home as soon as it was avail... it would still be nice to be able to both add AND remove this component via OWA.

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In what order should this be applied to front end and back end servers
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Any update containing OWA files ALWAYS goes FE first, BE second - here's why - The BE generates the paths that the client uses to find files.  If the FE doesn't have a file we're in for trouble.  If the FE has a file the BE doesn't reference (say, an older version) nothing bad happens.  
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Hmm... I have two clients who are suddenly getting the "blank message" problem in OWA, and one of them I have confirmed that the problem started after this patch was applied. Anyone else seeing issues with this patch and IE6, no S/MIME?
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This patch did not work in our environment...
Only unregistering the MIME .Dlls worked.

As soon as the S/MIME client was reinstalled from a patched FR broke again.  Same IE7 crash issue.

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Per Tim Allen's comments:

I can't install anything on my company's server but I made the mistake of installing the client S/Mime Activex Control on my home PC for OWA under IE7.  I need to disable or delete it from my client machine.  Add/Remove Programs lists it but will not allow removal.

To the point - where in Internet Options can I find this so I can disable or remove the control?  Is it under Add-Ins in the Program Tab?

As it is, if I use OWA Premium IE7 closes every time I send a reply.

I can be reached here or at


Howard Green
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I've been able to send email through OWA after going to Tools->Manage Add-ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons, and disabling "Mime Control Version Class"

But IE7 just crashed again while I was flipping through the "Show:" drop down menu while browsing an unrelated site.

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Can I install this hotfix on SBS 2003?-- will it break anything?

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Can this fix be freely applied to clustered Exchange Servers?
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Bob - the answer is YES.
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As per Tim Allens comments - Dec 19 2006

Is this the only way to disable or remove S/Mime Activex Control from the client PC? There doesn't seem to be anyway of uninstalling it that I can see
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