Enterprise Communications Support moving to call-back model
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On March 9th, 2009 the Professional level "Enterprise Communications Support" business at Microsoft will transition to a call-back model for all Professional support incidents in the United States and Canada. Professional Support is provided to customers who pay per-incident or buy a five pack of support incidents. This does not include customers with Premier Support. The move to a call-back model is for Professional support for Microsoft Exchange Server. Below is a description of how to contact Microsoft customer service, as well as other relevant information regarding this change:

Why is Microsoft Enterprise Communications Professional Business moving to Callback Model?

  1. To minimize the amount of time that customers spend on hold
  2. To enable the support incident to be routed to the correct resource, thus minimizing the incorrect routing of support incidents.

    Contacting Microsoft Product Support by Phone

    You can submit a support request via phone by calling 800-936-4900.  Once your support incident is created, the case will be routed to the appropriate support team and you will receive a call from a support engineer.  The response time is based on the severity of the incident.  During business hours (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 PM Pacific Time), the cost is $259.  If you need to work with a support engineer outside of these hours, the cost is $515.  Please note that you can open a support incident via phone at any time.  The after-hours rate only applies if you need to work with a support engineer during non-business hours.  This information is also outlined on the Microsoft Help and Support site.

    Contacting Microsoft Product Support using Online Support Submissions

    As an alternative to opening a support incident via phone, you can use our Online Support Submissions process.  As with our Phone support offering, this is a call-back model also, and the response time is based on the incident severity.  At this time, Online Support Submissions call-backs are only available during business hours (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 PM Pacific Time), and the cost of a support incident is $259.

    For more information on contacting Microsoft Product Support, please refer to the following resources:

    - Nagesh Mahadev, Anil Kumar

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