Email retention for deleted items in Office 365 is changing

Published Feb 23 2015 07:43 AM 18.6K Views

If your organization has mailboxes in Office 365, you might want to know about this: there is a change coming to extended email retention period for deleted items in Office 365. Head over to Office Blogs and read all about it!

Extended email retention for deleted items in Office 365

Nino Bilic

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Great, apart from the fact that a massive Deleted Items folder pulls down performance if using an Outlook rich client to such an extent mail becomes unworkable. this is especially true if you manage several calendars and or mailboxes (quite a lot of companies

have PAs that actually do this). Then there is the issue of disclosure, you may have thought you deleted something you didn't want a lawyer or regulatory body (or suspicious spouse) to find but eh! it's still there and ready for disclosure in a court of law.

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Is there any way to tell when this feature has taken affect across our mailboxes?
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Hi and thanks for the article

I'd like to know if it is possible to create new "default folder" aka managed system folder. Currently with the swipe options on iOS and Android a folder called "Archive" is created and I cannot administratively apply an RPT to it.

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