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Published Dec 19 2011 02:08 PM 3,005 Views

We wanted to let you know that the Exchange Team Blog is now available in 10 languages! Selected posts are localized and published on a monthly basis.


The localized versions of blogs are available here:

If you have any recommendations or comments, please comment to this posting.

Jan Grodecki
(Office International Publishing team)

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I hope you translate the blog entries by hand, not by a machine, because I don't want to lay on the floor laughing as with your machine translated KB articles :)


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Two flavors of Chinese and yet no arabic.  I wonder why????

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I agree with Bernd. If there are localized versions please translate by hand!

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I agree with Jerry, why didnt you include Arabic??

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Hi, Jan!

My suggestions:

1. Rename OfficeLocalization into LocalizationTeam or MSFTLocalizationTeam.

Your team use OfficeLocalization account name for publishing of blog traslations that looks  childish for SERVER blog.

2. Dont publish translations in batch!  Schedule posts for regular: one day - one post.


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how will the different versions of the Blog integrate together?

Let's assume I prefer German articels. On the other hand, I won't miss any of your valuable Articels, just because it wasn't translated. Now I have to read two Blogs: the german one, to get the german Articles, the english one, to get to know all the others.

What I think would be very helpfull was to have a link on top of each english Articels to all the languages it was translated to (Also Availble in...). Then I would only read the english blog, never miss an articel and still get all the content which is available in german in german.

By now, I can't find such a link p.ex. in the SP2-Release-Article.

Best regards


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@Sazonov ILYA & Filipp G: Thanks for the feedback. Blog localization is a fledgling effort - we hope to build on this based on your feedback.

@Filipp G: You can subscribe to the RSS feed or follow us on Twitter (@msftexchange) for regular updates so you don't miss a post.

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Include Bosnian, Croatian language pls :)

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Please add Polish version. I can help in tranlation

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I like how the Exchange team makes an effort to publish in multiple languages and people still find reasons to complain.  

"Two flavors of Chinese and yet no arabic.  I wonder why????"  - Why do you wonder?  Take your tinfoil hat off and stop complaining.  Maybe send a professional request and ASK rather than whine and act like a child.


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@Ronnie Actually, no, no nerves hit other than yours.  What lines should I read, other than either he/she is bitter because his preferred language wasn't immediately ready out the door, or he is race trolling thinking it's a conspiracy theory against those that speak arabic?  A good point would be to email the MS Exchange team like a professional and inquire why/when it would be released, not post a passive agressive comment anonymously on a blog.  What a joke.

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How do you get your blogs translated ??  Maybe by a professional firm ?  I Would be interested in translating English to French ... any possibilities ??


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Sorry, but in most cases it doesn't need.

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If you thinking about adding turkish, I can help in translation.

Best Regards

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Any plans for Turkish Language? I am the volunteer for translation of the blogs.

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I have Windows Exchange 2007 and a Symantec Universal PGP Server, when i run a qualys scan against my networks i get a vulnerabiliy "Mail Server Accepts Plaintext Credentials" on port 25. Can anybody advise me where i can research this. I have been trying for 3 months and i got nowhere in remediating this vulnerabillity. Any suggestions will be great. Thanks

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Any plans for Arabic in the future?

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