Easy ways to evaluate Exchange Server 2007 SP1 today

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As a follow-up to our Exchange 2007 SP1 announcement, I wanted to let you know that we have finished preparing two additional ways in which you can experience Exchange 2007 SP1 Beta 2:

SP1 Hosted demo: please visit https://signmeup.exchange2007demo.com/exchange2007demo/ to register for an online trial account that is pre-populated with sample messages, calendar appointments and a voice mail to enjoy the rich experience through Outlook Web Access, Outlook, or an Exchange ActiveSync compatible device.

A Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) pre-configured with Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2  for use with Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server (both available as free downloads): Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 (VHD) that you can download and evaluate for free in your own environment without the need for dedicated servers.


- Terry Myerson

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Is SP1 going to add the ability to view the mailbox size from the EMC? Currently it's not an available column as in System Manager.
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How is it possible to redirect OWA from




with ISA 2006 like in the SP1 hosted demo?

Is there an instruction guide which describes the necessary steps?

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Probably silly to ask, but is this a 64-bit or 32-bit demo?
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How do I evaluate Exchange 2007 SP1 in my environment if I'm running ForeFront for Exchange?  According to the SP1 release notes, they are incompatible.
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To answer some specific questions:


Unfortunately, this is not going to be added as a column in the Console in SP1. You can accomplish this relatively easy from the Shell though by running get-mailboxstatistics task.


- Hosted solution is hosted on 64 bit machines/OS and is running 64 bit versions of E2007 SP1
- Downloadable VHDs are 32 bit. They can be loaded on either 32 or 64 bit versions of Virtual PC/Server however as in current versions Virtual PC/Server do not support 64 bit virtual machines, the installed OS and Exchange software is 32 bit


This might help you:

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Thank you, that helps a lot.

Regarding chevy372's question, I still can't understand why you're forcing low level admins to learn Powershell commands to do something as simple as knowing what size a mailbox is or when the user last logged on or off.  This has been available since Exchange 5.0 and suddenly it's not there anymore.  Did anyone do any useability surveys with REAL exchange admins?
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I agree with Jeff, there are so many issues with incompatibility I can't help but think it's intentional. I am strictly a Windows Systems Admin, and I can't believe that all these things just won't work together:

* Forefront for Exchange does not work with Exchange 2007 SP1
* Exchange 2003 AD connector does not work with Vista (but amazingly the latest version of Exchange does)
* Columns that WERE in an older version of Exchange Manager are NOT in the new version.

Gee, I wonder why adoption rates are low.
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I know its not an easy question but... is there an ETA for SP1 (even aprox.)?
We're planning to deploy a few WM6 using HSDPA'd activesync and some of the new features look very promising.
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I have downloaded Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 VHD - 32-bit version.
ReadMe says:
No effort should be made to active this image.
This image has been created using evaluation software and will automatically cease to function on June 15, 2008.

But I got this error message:
This copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can continue using it.

Any advise?
Thanks in advance.
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Alerted people that run this program, looking into it - thanks!
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Just to clarify - did you download the image today or within last few days, or did you download it over a month ago, start it up and then came back to it?

The wording on the time limit could be clearer... but essentially - the image will stop working 30 days after first use or on June 15, 2008 (whichever comes first). So - if the image was started up over a month ago - that would explain it.

We tried to download the image today and could not reproduce the problem.

Finally - if you do need the machine to be available for longer period of time, you could download the Exchange 2007 eval bits and use that, as that will give you 120 days to evaluate.

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Did I hear that right? You have to use the powershell and issue a 'get-mailboxstatistics' task to view how big a users mailbox is.

HAHHAH actually it's not funny - it is absolutely stupid.
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