Don't miss the Exchange 2010 Developer Webcasts!

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We are excited about the Exchange 2010 developer experience and we think you will be too.  Over the next two weeks we'll be doing six webcasts filled with information to help our partners and customers understand what Exchange 2010 means for them.  David, Chris and I just posted an introductory video on Channel 9 to give you an overview of why we're excited about Exchange 2010 and show off a cool application built on Exchange 2010 and the Exchange Web Services API.  Check out the video and then plan to attend the upcoming webcasts, where we will go much deeper into the technical details that you'll want to know as you think about moving your applications to Exchange 2010 and Exchange Web Services.

10/13/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 1 of 6): Migrating Applications to Exchange Web Services

10/14/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 2 of 6): A Deep Dive into Using Autodiscover Service in Excha...

10/15/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 3 of 6): A Deep Dive into Impersonation and Delegation in Exc...

10/20/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 4 of 6): A Deep Dive into Exchange Web Services Notifications...

10/21/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 5 of 6): A Deep Dive into the Exchange Web Services Managed A...

10/22/2009 - Exchange Server 2010 Development (Part 6 of 6): Best Practices for Building Scalable Exchange Server...

- Jason Henderson

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Excellent! This is what we need, thank you and keep feeding us as much information as you can.

I have my yellow highlighter ready! (Zork hint book reference)
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hello. I just want to know if it is possible to use MS outlook with any version of web access? I have been looking for an answer for days now and can not find it.

Thanks for your time.
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It is good to me., thank you.
I have a question.
Can I see this webcast later?
Because, it is started in midnight.(I am in Korea, Republic of)
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Bob, Do you mean use Outlook to connect to the Exchange server via Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS)?  If so, you need Outlook 2003 or later for this.  Otherwise, for normal MAPI connections, Outlook 2002 (AKA Outlook XP) and later is supported.
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Hyok, typically webcasts are avaiable for on-demand viewing within a day or so from the origional air date.
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How about making the tools/software for exchange 64-bit this time?  Our migration to Exchange 2007 on SBS2008 is a nightmare.
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