Several times I've received mail from OWA users kindly notifying us of pop-up ads associated with OWA. I know this is rational on their part - they start up OWA and suddenly there's pop-up ads for various companies selling unmentionables. Well, folks, I can assure you, there is no secret account in the Caymans where all my Viagra money goes. This is the work of various and nefarious spyware. Folks have always found Gator or GAIN or another product surreptitiously installed. So far AdAware (http://www.lavasoftusa.com) has solved and prevented the issues, and I know there's other great products to scour machines clean.
So should you start wondering exactly how long it will be before we retire to the beach to live off of Punch the Monkey ads, try out the AdAware solution. And you can just send the checks to me directly. I'll make sure the rest of the team gets their cut.
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So thats how you get the money for developing kodiak...

It all becomes clear now :)
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THis e-mail is from _administrators_? Jesus, Mary and Joseph... and here I was thinking about going to the Exchange hiring event. I'd fall off my chair laughing the first time I got a call, and there I'd be out on my arse.
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A nice writeup and additional ideas for removing spyware.