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The Exchange team includes a bunch of incredible people who bring a unique perspective on where the industry is headed and how we should engineer the product and service. One of them is Perry Clarke, whom you all haven't heard from so much in the past.

Perry is a General Manager on the Exchange team and has worked on the product for thirteen years. He has spent the last several years running the Mailbox team on Exchange and I spent some time chatting with Perry about the changes to disk capacity and I/O efficiency over the years and how this affected the way Exchange was designed. I had fun geeking out with Perry and wanted to make sure we could share this with you in a new video series appropriately called, "Geek Out with Perry". Please check out the first video on Perry's blog. Despite his PhD in Physics, he only plays a doctor on TV.

After chatting with Perry a bit, we loved what he had to say enough to convince him to share some of his thoughts by blogging himself. If you have a topic that you want to dive into with Perry, please read his brand new blog and comment, ask questions. His blog topics will be driven by your interest.

If you are interested in more in depth information about Exchange storage or enabling large, low-cost mailboxes, please be sure to check out our Large Mailbox Vision whitepaper as well as my teammate Astrid's blog on the Top 10 Exchange Storage Myths.

Have fun geeking out with our new video series - and Perry, welcome to the blogosphere!

-- Ann Vu

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Dear Dr. Perry,

Do you know what might have caused this rash?

Thank you,
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Thanks for writing such useful information about Exchange. I think exchange has a very big contribution in the microsoft's success. It has done a great work for business peoples and the corporate industries.
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