Be Aware of Message Default Limit Changes When Upgrading Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003

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In Exchange 2003 some of the default settings were changed to tighten security. One of these settings is the sending and receiving message size settings. In Exchange 2000, no default size was set, but in Exchange 2003 the Sending message size and Receiving message size settings for the Exchange organization are set to 10240 KB. This default setting applies to new installations, or upgrades from Exchange 2000 in which no default size was set.

During an upgrade if you have customized these settings, the custom settings are retained. However, the default settings are overwritten. So, if you do not want a sending and receiving message limit imposed on your users, you need to manually change the defaults after an upgrade. If a custom default size is already specified for the organization, the existing setting is preserved.

To change the default sending and receiving limits:

  1. In Exchange System Manager, expand your Exchange organization > expand Global Settings > right-click Message Delivery Properties.
  2. Click the Default tab.
  3. Under Sending message size click No Limit.
  4. Under Receive message size, click No Limit.

Patricia Anderson

Not applicable - Din portal til Microsoft Exchange Server information
Not applicable
Does this affect moving mailboxes between servers? I know the store limit for mailboxes sizes does (if the new store default limit is below your current mailbox size, the move fails).

How about moving mailboxes with messages inside that are bigger than this new default, does is fail?

An option in the 'Move Mailbox Wizard' to ingore limits when moving mailboxes would be nice...
Not applicable
These global settings do not affect move mailboxes. These global setting apply specifically to sending and receiving limits, not the message size limits for the mailbox, but limits imposed when sending and receiving.

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It's pretty dangerous to send send and receive to 'no limit' - what if someone sends an incoming message that is larger than than the free disk space on the mailbox server? - Goodnight information store!
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