An update on progress around Exchange 2010 address list segregation documentation

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Dave Goldman, who has been working on and is coordinating a lot of the E2010 Address List Segregation documentation effort - has just posted an update on his blog that can give you an idea where things stand right now and what to expect in the future as far as transitioning between versions of Exchange if you use this functionality. If address list segregation is something you need for Exchange 2010 or you are using it today - definitely go ahead and read this!

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- Nino Bilic

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Microsoft has always provided a shared hosting whitepaper for versions exchange 2000-2007. Does this article mean that Exchange will no longer allow a custom shared hosting solution, but only the hosting setup built-in with Exchange 2010 SP1 when its release? This would be a large dissappointment, there should still be documented procedure similar to the shared hosting documents released for the other versions. Most hosting companies used MBP Hosting docs as a guideline. Most companies take the chance of not getting full support, just best effort with their own methods of hosting for their organization. Which means this will definitely go away if a setup option is all they recieve. Maybe you have an unsupported/adhoc method that can be posted so organizations get an idea how the autosetup of 2k10sp1 will prepare your environment for hosting?
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Darko, this is actually not a correct statement. The only whitepaper that we support currently is the Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation Whitepaper, which is a dev tested solution.

What this means is that at this current time we are not supporting address list segregation on Exchange 2010 until the whitepaper has been completed, tested and certified.

When the whitepaper is ready it will be very similar to the Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation whitepaper.

Fore more information on the support stance that we are standing behind please follow my blog.

Dave Goldman
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I appreciate your blog updates, Dave.  My main point of frustration is that we had a supported 2007 installation with AL segregation, and 2010 was released with no indication on the team blog (or any other that I have been able to find) that ugprading such a supported scenario to 2010 was in any way problematic or unsupported.  We were one of the first to upgrade, and actually the upgrade went smoothly and we have not experienced any issues, however we also have not had occasion to set up a new hosted division since moving to 2010.

As we eagerly await the whitepaper, I am curious what you suggest following the 4 steps under "your only option to fix this" in your blog post would be -- could one remove the permissions readded once the update has been run?  If not, then everyone is open to read the default GAL, correct?

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Dave, the statement I made was incorrect, what I meant was Microsoft provided a hosting whitepaper for a certain period of time during the version of exchange that was out, until extended support kicked in for each version. Hence while I am assuming the 2k7 ALS hasn't been pulled yet. The important question is when the ALS whitepaper is posted for e2k10sp1, will it have complete migration path methods step by step to go from e2k7 both internal org hosting and commercial hosting? The concern to me is it looks like MS Dev created an opportunity for companies to branch out and create a business to host other companies exchange organization from their one exchange org. Then over the past 10 years they have slowly drawn it in to where getting the latest version of exchange will require Microsoft Hosted Exchange through Microsoft will be the only option. It mainly seems like Microsoft has created a market for hosted Exchange, and as they upgrade they take away capabilities to where hosting through Microsoft's next version of Exchange maybe the only way to have ALS.
Because I doubt Dev will allow customers to have environment control , aka delegate permissions when MS is hosting it. I always read your blogs before I post, I was just wondering why the whole whitepaper wasnt on there yet.
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I find this hard to believe, Live@EDU, Microsoft BPOS all have segregated GAL's and they seem to work well. I assume this is running HMC version of 2010 that we aren't able to get our hands on?
I'm currently segrehating the GAL in OWA 2010 using address lists and placing the DN name of the address list in the msexchquerybasedn attrib which works fine, a few bugs with it, like re-applying the address list when new people are added etc.
However, my Outlook Anywhere users are not happy at all, they can see 40,000 people in the GAL!!!!!
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