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If you missed Geeking out with Perry, he’s back in top form with a new blog and a special edition episode of Geek Out with Perry. In this episode, Perry addresses a ton of subjects from questions I recorded back in June when I was in Atlanta chatting with folks who were attending Tech·Ed North America. Matt Gossage, who’s a Principal Program Manager Lead on the team, was in Perry’s office when I came over to geek out and Matt helped provide additional insights about Exchange 2010 High Availability topics.

In addition, we also wanted to share some exciting news about Perry, that will no doubt embarrass him (Perry doesn’t like to brag) and cause him to reduce our mailbox size limits as penance for what we are about to say next. Let’s face it, we are Perry Clarke fans, so we couldn’t keep this a secret (as if you needed a bonus reason for why you should read Perry’s blog and check out the Geek Out with Perry video series.. ).

Without further ado…

Perry Clarke becomes Distinguished Engineer

Perry has spent the majority of his 15 years at Microsoft within the Exchange Product Group. During the development of Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 he led the Mailbox Server Engineering Team. Currently Perry manages the entire development team for Exchange (the Exchange Product Group, like other product groups, is broken down into four divisions:, program management, development, test, and customer experience).

Today we are happy to announce that Perry is being promoted to the role of Distinguished Engineer; there are less than 60 distinguished engineers at Microsoft.

The Distinguished Engineer title is a technical leadership designation at Microsoft and people who carry this title are recognized for their extraordinary contributions. These employees have a long-standing reputation of deep technical knowledge built on a sustained body of work and are “key people whose technical vision, expertise and world-class leadership have been instrumental in developing and driving products and standards for both the company and the industries.”

Some of Perry’s extraordinary contributions have been:

  • Helping to dramatically redefine the storage system over the last two releases of Exchange to enable it to run on small, scaled-out servers with commodity SATA drives with significantly lower IOPS. Perry has personally championed this quest despite some skepticism from the industry – having the deep insight, and making it happen.
  • Leadership in driving mailbox resiliency has also helped him play a key role in helping scale Exchange for the cloud with Office 365.
  • Perry was a critical member of the team that helped drive corporate email archiving and compliance functionality in Exchange 2010.

From all of us in the Exchange Product Group, congratulations Perry on your well-deserved promotion.

Ann Vu

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