20 years ago in a galaxy far away…

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Did you know that today is 20 years since we declared RTM (Released to Manufacturing) of Exchange 4.0?

Okay, so maybe this did not happen in the galaxy far away, but it sure feels like it! Here is a great overview of Exchange's earlier years (up to Exchange 2007).

Exchange has been evolving for over 20 years now, and is still going strong! From our humble beginnings, adding SMTP protocol through an IMC connector as well as web access to email in Exchange 5.0 back in 1997 (that was some cutting edge stuff back then!), starting to play in service waters 10 years later in 2007 (ever heard of Exchange Labs?) all the way to where we are today with Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Online – we have gone through many a transformation.

One thing is certain, though – we would not have been here without you, our customers. You keep pushing us to get better and bring you more features. When we do something wrong (yeah, that happens), the incredible Exchange community is always quick to let us know. And for those of you wishing that this virtual birthday celebration could somehow take place in person, you’ll want to sign up to attend Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta.

Thank you for all the support and amazing ride! Anyone up for 20 more?

(Hat tip, Tony.)

The Exchange Team

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Things have definitely changed in 20 years. I remember using the Exchange client back in the day before Outlook even came around. Cheers to another 20!
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Exchange Server has been the most important technology in my career. I wouldn't be where I am now without it. Thanks for a quality product and great supporting documentation (such as EHLO posts) for all these years.
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Yeah, it is true that I was wondering of blue screen of Exch 5.5 and my fist glimpse and hands on Exch 2k. Setup my lab with two old computers....which gave me identity in Crowd of Server Administrator (200 interviewers for Server Admin) as Exchange Administrator

(Only 10 Exch Admin). Cannot think my life out of Exchange :)

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Happy 20th Birthday to Exchange Server :)
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I can beat you, Bhalchandra; I was in ninth grade! :) I didn't know what Exchange was then, but it certainly pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble these days!

It's cool to hear that there will be recognition planned at Ignite. A full-on MEC would have been awesome to celebrate, but a special event at Ignite will be pretty great, too!

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Many Many Happy Returns of theDay, Happy Birthday Exchange Server :)
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Considering I have worked with every version... I feel really old now. :)
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As Microsoft can see Exchange Server (On-Premises) has been a jewel for 20 years. I hope Microsoft will continue its investment in Exchange Server (On-Premises) for many many more years. Customers around the world want Exchange Server (On-Premises)............
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Wow, 20 years huh. I remember doing MS Mail 3.x postoffice setups back in the pre Exchange days, and the evolution of the MTA and all that into Exchange 4. What a blast that was !
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To this I'm the same age at Exchange!
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Exchange 5.5 was my "first" version. Although I did play with 5.0 very briefly. Oh how the years have gone by.
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