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So I need to make some sort of a check list where I have question that i should answer yes or no on.

So I need 2 options buttons (one for "Yes" and one for "No"). 

If answer is "Yes" (so I hit option button yes) I should get a dropdown menu with options for example A , B , C and D

but if the answer is "NO" (so I hit options button No) I should get another dropdown ( E , F , G , H) menu or a cell saying N/A 


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So kind of like this but if I would press "NO" there should come something else instead of that dropdown menu.

Anyone that can help me?

@JasperEvens Perhaps like in the attached file. 

sorry for my late response. I already figured it out. But the file you made was pretty much what it was supposed to be. So thanks anyway, maybe other people will find this usefull!

Kind regards!

PS: how do you send files in here? I tried that but couldn't find a way to do, thats why I made a screenshot.