YEAR(TODAY()) Function Triggering Circular Reference Error Starting 1/1/2023-Why?

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All of a sudden every formula I have in a worksheet with the sub formula "YEAR(TODAY())" is triggering a "Circular Reference" error message whereas no such error message for this worksheet was triggered prior to 2023.

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The root cause is not the TODAY() function itself.  If the formula is literally just =YEAR(TODAY()), that is simply the last cell that Excel processed before it decided there are circular references.


Look for circular references elsewhere.  It (they) might even be on other worksheets.  Click Formulas > Error Checking > Circular References.  IIRC, we must do that on each worksheet.


If you need further assistance, provide an Excel file (redacted) that demonstrates the problem.  Ideally, click "browse" files near the bottom of the reply pane to attach the file.


If the forum does not permit that (yet), upload the Excel file to a file-sharing website, and post a download URL that does not require that we log in.  I like; others like You might like because it uses the same login as this forum.


If the forum does not allow you (yet) to post a URL, spell out part of the URL manually.  For example, the URL for this thread is /t5/excel/year-today-function-triggering-circular-reference-error-starting/td-p/3707085 .  Note the space after the domain name.


Your note forced me to take a closer look and I found the error elsewhere in the worksheet, as you suggested. Thanks for your quick reply.