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Hello together,


during my studies I have to evaluate some .xml files. Therefore I am loading the .xml files via VBA into Excel and afterwards I am able to check the data of the xml. Right now I got a problem, that the .xml is not in the right shape and additional there are signs included which are "usually" not allowed in .xml files. So during the import i get the Error message "Laufzeitfehler '-2147217376(80041020)'. I am not able to change the content of the xml so I am searching for another solution. Is there a possibility to read the xml file without the .xmlImport function?
I was searching in a lot of forums for the last few days and didn't find any solution.


May someone of you has an solution in VBA.


Thank you

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@Ferdinand1992 I don't consider myself very knowledgable regarding XML, but have you tried connecting to the XML files via Power Query?