.XLS/.PPT Files extremely slow when opening from network drive (Win Server 2019)

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Hello there,


While opening any Office file (.XLS,.PPT,.DOC, etc) (excel 97 - 2003) from my network drive (File Server Windows Server 2019), it takes a LOOONG time to open it! (1-3 minutes)


This problem only occurs under the following circumstances:

- File need to be office extension and type needs to be 97-2003 - So Office opens it in compatibility mode.

- File need to be on the network drive (If we copy the files to the local drive, there are no problems)

- File need to be opened as editable (opening them read-only, opens the files immediatly) .___.


Please. I have no more CLUES on what can i DO! 

Can someone give me a little light?


Office version: 2016 & 2019

Things i did to see if it solves the problem:

- Disable Cortana (we don't have cortana)

- Some other things...


Any help is highly appreciated.



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You could try saving a copy of the files as xlsx files and see if that solves the problem.
Remember to save a COPY in case the file type change disrupts the data in the workbook.

If you are not able to change the file type for whatever reason you could try:
• Do a quick repair of the Office programs (Control Panel / Installed Programs / Change).
• Check add-ins that run with Excel (File / Options / Add-ins) to see if anything looks dicey.
• Open a blank Excel sheet and then open the Excel file (Excel will already be running when attempting to open)
I just finished doing all this and it ditnt fix it...