XLOOKUP or XMATCH functions not available with EXCEL 2021

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Hi all,
I have Excel 2021 LTSC and i try to use XLOOKUP and XMATCH and they are not reconized.
My version displayed in File>Account>About Excel is :

Microsoft Excel MSO Version 2208 Build 16.0.15601.20148 64 bits
Any Idea ?

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I've seen this crop up a few times with various versions of Office.
There's a few things you can try. I'd try it in this order:
1. Log out/in of your account through File | Account
2. Repair Office (I believe you'd get the MSI-based repair options).

Reference on repairing: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/repair-an-office-application-7821d4b6-7c1d-4205-aa0e-a6b4....

Many thanks for your help !
I tried both 1/ and 2/ without success :(
According to the refrenced doc the next step sould be to completely uninstall Office and then reinstall it...

Thank you for help.
I use the first method and it works.