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So I am trying to use the VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP function to find corresponding values in my data.


Say I have some financials listed quarterly:


Q1 - $2000

Q2 - $3000

Q3 - $4000

Q4 - $1000


Q1 - $4000

Q2 - $500

Q3 - $1000

Q4 - $5000

and so on. 


Is there a way I can find the sum of the values for all of one specific quarter?

All I seem to know is -

XLOOKUP(Q3,A2:A50,B2:B50) but this would just return one value rather than summing all the Q3 results.


If that makes sense.




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I guess SUMIFS() could help




Is this what you are looking for?

From your reply I can't seem to think why ti wouldn't work however I'm getting a #VALUE error. Any ideas?


Did you enter e.g. "Q1" and "2000" in seperate cells? It doesn't work if "Q1 - 2000" is in one cell as shown in the attached file. Maybe you want to attach an example copy of your file with dummy data.


As variant

=SUM( FILTER( B2:B50, A2:A50 = "Q3" ) )