XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP not refreshing unless I type the formula again

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Hi there,


As explained in the title my main issue is that my xlookup and vlookup formulas aren't refreshing when I change the source data. The only way to have it showing new results instead of old one is to delete the formula and type it again. However I am using a big spreadsheet and doing this defeat the purpose!

- I have my .xlsx sheet set as automatic calculation

-I have tried the data refresh as well as F9 or F2 and save

-Data source is in same general format as values only 


Thanks for any help!

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Is that for this specific file or for any one; and is this for XLOOKUP only or for any other formula?

@Sergei Baklan , thanks for taking the time.


It is for this document and all other that have been build from this one. (It is a sales dashboard that looks at a report to pull the relevant data. Each document made from a the original one will have a dashboard with different criteria but same xlookup and same source copied in a tab in all these docs)

I only have the issue for 4 columns whereas other columns seems to be refreshing when the data on the source tab is modified.


If that is for the specific cells in the specific file it's hard to say something without the file. Perhaps you may reproduce on sample file or share main one removing all sensitive information from it.