X-Y coordinates retrieval

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So I have about 6500 entries of geometry points which has columns for x,y coordinates and origin and  destination names. Now I need to create four columns and retrieve destination-X values and destination-Y values then another two columns for Origin-X values and Origin-Y values. How do I go about this.

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I think you are going to need to describe the problem in greater detail and to mock up some data to demonstrate the idea.  At first sight, I would say that a point may have a name; if it lies on a surface, its position may be represented by a coordinate pair; but a point does not have an origin nor a destination.  Only a directed edge will have such properties.

@Peter Bartholomew Hello Peter you're right. I think I didn't explain the situation well on here but attached is a screenshot of the data in Excel. I would be happy if you could provide sequential steps to achieve the destination and origin coordinates.