X-axis showing wrong date

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Why can't I get the x-axis to show end-of-month-dates? The input sheet only has end-of-month-dates.excel chart question.JPG

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It appears you are using a scatter plot which I normally recommend and/or is the solution to why something isn't working for someone else .... But in this case I think that is the problem for you. As you note the options just aren't there to specify using the last day of the month (at least not that I know of). Assuming you are plotting EVERY month anyhow, I suggest you use a 2-d line and define the 'Label' axis as the end of month dates in your sheet.

I actually think I am using a normal line chart, at least that is what it says when I click on "change chart type" to double check.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean when suggesting using a 2-d line? Do you mean an additional series and use this series to plot the x-axis instead of using the build in x-axis?
I thought the fact that I set the start date to an end-of-month-date would automatically make the x-axis using that number. It was a while since I worked with excel, but as I seem to recall it it used to work.


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@ChristinaChristina ah yes I see.  Change your x-axis option to "Text axis" and it should work:



Excellent! Many thanks! :)