Wrong hours count

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Why it counting wrong? Video from the issue 

How should I have to calculate?

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Excel stores dates and times as numbers, with 1 day = 24 hours as unit.

You can check this: enter 6:00 in a cell, then change the number format of that cell to General.

You'll see 0,25. This is because 6 hours = 6/24 days = 0,25 days.


5:00 hours corresponds to the number 5/24 ~ 0,20833

24/7 ~3,42857

Their sum is ~3,63690. That corresponds to 3 days plus 0,63690 days = 15:07


If you wanted to add 24/7 hours to 5:00, you have to divide 24/7 by 24 to get the corresponding number, i.e. add 1/7.



If you want to calculate something else, please explain.


Thank you so much for your help.