Wrong format when adding a new row into a "formatted excel table"

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I am very often using the below functionnality to save time in formatting tables, benefitting of the advanced formulas functionalities. 



Nevertheless, i am regularly facing the below issue. 


The situation : 

In this example i have the below table formatted : 


I am adding a row at the botom of the table : 


As you can see, the row is automatically formatted, but instead of applying the expected format, the added row is blue....this blue color is coming from a row i had into my initial table before i converted it as an "Excel formatted table"....



  • If I insert a row in the middle of the table, the row is properly formatted. 
  • In this example this is the color of the row that is not as expected but i faced some different cases, such as : "the dropdown list is not inserted when i add a row"....


What i would like ? 


  • Know where i can modify the row used as a "template" to format the inserted row into my table. So that i can adjust it and avoid the issue i face
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Hi Paul,


This issue may occur if you format a range of cells (that has an existing format) as a table in a certain color scheme.


You need to clear the old format by selecting the table, then go to Home >> Font >> Fill Color >> No Fill as shown in the below screenshot.


No Fill.png


I have answered a similar question before in this link.


Hope that helps





Hello @Haytham Amairah, thanks for your answer, i am filing a bit confused/stupid as it is so simple....never had the idea...I made the test for the color but also for a drop down list and it worked. 


Thank you very much for your answer.

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