Wrong decimal format on Excel Online (Swiss french)

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We have many customers who complain about the format in Excel Online for the Swiss French region.

The setting in Switzerland (Swiss French) in Windows, the currency separator is the point and the decimal separator in a number is the point.

In Excel Online even if you configure the region in Swiss French, the decimal separators are commas.

So, when you type on your keyboard with the number pad, the dot turns into a comma.


This is a big problem that affects millions of users. (global problem)


Windows settings:




Excel online settings:




Microsoft, can you correct this error?

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The first thing I'd do is determine if the browser is at fault. If you're in Edge, you can try accessing Excel for the web in a private session. If it works in private session the solutions to try are in this order (Only try # 2 if needed):
1. Clear browswer cache
2. Re-name the Edge user profile folder 'Default' located at: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\


This not a problem with edge or other web browser. I have tried several web browser. without cache and after clear cache.

My configuration is fully on French Swiss regional configuration.

The problem is on the Microsoft Template of regional settings on Excel Online. The template Swiss French is not the default Swiss French settings.

It's like Microsoft doesn't know the good configuration in Swiss French part.




Can anyone from @microsoft answer this?