Wrong background colours in Excel (Office 365)

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Since two days I cannot fill my cells with the right colours. I'm using Windows 10 and Office 365.

When the colour red, orange or yellow is selected and I try to change the background colour of the cell it turns purple. 

When dark red, light green or purple is selected and I try to change the background colour of the cell it stays white.

When the colour green, light blue, blue or dark blue is selected and I try to chaange the beackground colour of the cell it turns light blue.


Cells that had a different background colour before the above occurred have the right colour (e.g. yellow). When I copy hese cells and paste the format in another cel the color changes as described above.


I'm not working in high contrast mode and when trying to change the text colour in a cell there's no trouble at all......


Anyone having simular problems or having a solution to solve this issue?

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Can you upload a sample file so that I cab test from my office 365 here! That might guide us to the cause of the problem



See the attached sample file.

I even tried a complete repair of my 365 installation.

All programs have been downloaded again, but there's still something wrong. 

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I can see that the workbook is saved as "Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls).
Kindly re-save as Excel Workbook (*xlsx).

With regardless to the font and fill colour, I applied font and fill colors to many of the cells and they all formula without any issue. See the attached pictures and the new workbook...

Looking forward to hear from you



Thanks for all effort.


After my last post I found another major problem; when I tried to open the properties of a cell (right click) Excel crashed (!).


This problem AND the colour problem have been solved bij removing the complete Office 365 installation, including all related Microsoft programs and making a totally clean install (so not using the Microsoft repair function which I used before - which seemed to make a clean install).

I presume during the last (minor) Office 365 update something had been corrupted, causing both problems.


So all is working OK right now!


Again, thanks for all your trouble!

Good to hear that all is working fine

@Abiola1 I'd like to do a reinstall cuz I have had similar problems in all of the 365 programs since Day 1 of my subscription. How do I do it? Call Support? 

Just remove all 365 programs in Windows by configuration/apps/ and reinstall all programs bij logging in to your 365 account. Worked for me! Good luck!