Would like to change maximum number of days in month

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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to make a custom format of date which will automatically switch to the next month after reaching the number 27. Would it be possible to even do this in Excel?
Thanks for useful answers in advence.

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How would you like to display for example December 28, 2022?


You cannot do this with a custom format.

You can use a formula to return the modified date in another cell.

For example, if you have dates in D2 and down, enter the following formula in another cell in row 2, for example E2:


Format the cell with the formula as a date, then fill down.

P.S. Depending on what exactly you want, you may have to use >=27 instead of >27.

I'm not quite certain I entirely undestand, could you please give me an example of what you mean?


See the attached demo workbook